Training human capital is one of the central tenets of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce as a key factor in increasing business competitiveness. This is realised by fostering Dual Vocational Training, offering courses and training activities for businesses, bridging the gap between job market supply and demand and accrediting training programmes, among others tasks.

In the particular case of the nascent Dual Vocational Training system in Spain, the chambers of commerce, as intermediary bodies between businesses and public institutions, play an important part in its implementation. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce participates in Spain, jointly with the corresponding government bodies, in the organisation of on-the-job training at businesses, including vocational training courses and dual vocational training initiatives. Ultimately, Dual Vocational Training makes a very positive contribution to the problem of youth unemployment, bridging the gap between job market supply and demand, increasing the employability of human resources and improving the competitiveness of Spanish business.