The Spanish Chamber of Commerce coordinates the network of Chambers of Commerce in Spain and acts as its representative before national and international governing bodies, as well as providing advisory services to the Spanish government.  Its mission is to promote and defend the general interests of trade, industry, services and maritime navigation.

Therefore, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce has robust channels and the necessary agreements in place to ensure compliance with the institutional role granted to it by law,  in terms of liaising with national and international government bodies, business organisations and other economic agents, always in close collaboration with the network of chambers of commerce.

At a national level, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce represents the network of chambers of commerce and participates actively in different state bodies.

At an international level, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in representing the Spanish network of chambers of commerce in different fields and organizes and hosts many different activities aimed at providing the necessary institutional support to foster collaboration businesses from Spain and abroad:

  • It is a member of various international associations of chambers of commerce, such as the International Chamber of Commerce and Eurochambres.

  • It has a Brussels delegation which strives to lobby for the interests of Spanish businesses before EU bodies.

  • It organizes, in coordination with the Ministries and other institutions, business delegations to accompany Spanish authorities on visits abroad.

  • It takes part, organises and coordinates business activities held in parallel to the official state visits of authorities from abroad to Spain.

  • It has over thirty Business Cooperation Committees which provide Spanish businesses with free and essential institutional support to operate in some markets.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce acts as a liaising office between the private sector and the World Bank. It also acts in this capacity with the Inter-American Development Bank.

Another of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce's roles is to maintain fluid and ongoing relationships with the embassies and official representatives of foreign powers in Spain.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce coordinates and promotes collaboration between the different territorial chambers of commerce in Spain and the 44 official Spanish chambers of commerce abroad, Spanish business associations and local businesses with interests in Spain. This network boasts a long-standing tradition and experience, recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and is capable of providing the support and services needed by businesses to access and operate on international markets.